As of 01 May 2018 we shall be
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As a partner-led service provider which has participated in the market for more than 80 years, we feel bound by Hanseatic principles and are therefore well-armed for the challenges of modern business life. We take these to include a genuine and absolute commitment to the interests of our clients – our aim is to be rigorous with the material issues and reliable in our advice. We always provide services in a cost-conscious manner for the timely avoidance of conflict.


Ems Office / Leer

The Ems Region has developed into one of the most significant places for the German maritime economy. The cities of Haren, Leer and Emden – the central points of the so-called “Ems-Cluster” – are home to hundreds of ships. Major shipyards are located in Emden and Papenburg. Our clients there place value on personal advice provided in-situ and on short, convenient journeys in the context of our daily cooperation. This is why we opened our Ems Office in Leer.


Who we act for

Dabelstein & Passehl act both nationally and internationally for a very wide range of companies in the maritime sector. Shipping companies, insurers, shipyards, P&I clubs, claims offices, shipping brokers, underwriting agents, plant engineering and construction companies, energy companies, wind park developers and operators, wind turbine manufacturers, shipbuilding suppliers, ship financing banks and financial service providers as well as forwarding agents, port operating companies, transport companies, ship managers and the whole maritime service industry and its service providers benefit from our international orientation and our two locations in the shipping centres of Hamburg and the Ems Region.