Ems Office / Leer

Dr. Jan Tjarko Eichhorn, Dr. Thomas Brüggemann

The office is managed by our partner Dr Thomas Brüggemann born and bred in Emden.  Through his management, the provision of on the spot advice to local clients as well as the connection to  the Hamburg office is always guaranteed. The increasing acceptance of the office by the local client community, meant that Dr Jan Eichhorn, also a native “Emder”, joined and has for some time now reinforced the Ems Office, to manage the demand for solid legal advice.  Together with Thomas Brüggemann guarantees our daily presence in the region.

The key practice areas in the Ems region are:

  • Provision of general advice to shipping companies:

Drafting, revision on and negotiation of new-build contracts and related security documentation with national and international shipyards and banks as well as addressing all general aspects of maritime commercial law (charter parties, bill of lading disputes and other claims from freight and sea-freight agreements)



  • International arbitration:

Assisting in national and international arbitral proceedings: here benefit from many years’ experience, in particular in advising on cancelled ship building contracts, the drawing down of refund-guarantees and the implementation of claims by the customer company or bank against shipyards or guarantors;  injunctions and ship arrests.

  • International Law of Sale & Purchase; international and domestic commercial law 

The Ems Office in particular has made a name for itself by providing  legal advice to medium-sized and small companies in national and international legal transactions alongside the traditional focal areas. The Leer Office supports these clients in a structured manner on commercial and corporate law issues as well as matters of insolvency law.  The worldwide network of correspondence lawyers is being successfully brought into play many times in this regard.

  • Financing, reorganisation, restructuring:

The Ems Office provids support in the traditional field of project financing in the areas of renewable energy and shipping for many years. This is supplemented by the reorganisation of single-ship companies encountering commercial difficulties as well as the restructuring of whole shipping companies.  In this respect the Ems Office is involved in many of the major projects in the Ems-Axis and, as far as market and negotiation strategies and tactics of banks and other financiers are concerned, keeps abreast of developments adding comprehensive expertise in the associated issues complementing the traditional portfolio of sale and purchase of ships, the negotiation and drafting of memoranda of agreement and the registration of ocean-going vessels, with the development of sale and lease-back structures, bareboat hire purchase agreements, operating lease agreements and similar structures.  This business generated two further key areas which are particularly sought after by the clients of the Ems Office, namely prospectus liability and capital investment law.


Dr. Jan Tjarko Eichhorn, Dr. Thomas Brüggemann