Hanseatic and tradition-conscious - with a modern outlook.

At Dabelstein & Passehl we look after our clients individually and personally – and always aware of their needs in a fluctuating economic and technical environment. Based on a well-established international network, we serve our clients anywhere in the world- at any time.

“An experienced and dedicated team of specialists, whose work shows an outstanding level of legal competence.  Lawyers who fulfil the expectations of their clients swiftly, boldly and professionally, without losing sight of what is legally possible.”

Our lawyers

Dabelstein & Passehl is a team of experienced and highly specialised lawyers who are all at home in maritime commercial law. The focus of our activities consists of maritime law, transport law and insurance law as well as the law of (renewable) energy. All of our lawyers have had an international training, speak fluent English and often another foreign language. The fact that many of our lawyers also have additional training in their specialist area (Master of Laws, PhD and/or the title of “specialist lawyer”) and hold teaching positions at various universities demonstrates that we take a broader view in our training as well as in our daily work.

Many of the lawyers at Dabelstein & Passehl, having previously worked as in-house lawyers, also have their own experience in the shipbuilding, logistics and energy industries. Our lawyers do not point out legal problems, they present practical solutions.

We embrace our team philosophy and ensure that the appropriate specialist will always take care of your particular concerns. The individual specialisations and experiences of the lawyers at Dabelstein & Passehl are set out in the lawyer profiles.


Our staff

Our team of staff and assistants who have all received specialist training make up far more than the simple “Back Office”. Without them the smooth flow of all the diverse activities of a modern law firm would be impossible. From office manager to trainee, they all pitch in!


Where do we come from and where we call home

Dabelstein & Passehl was founded by Dr Hans Dabelstein in Hamburg 1930. In a fairly short time he acquired a reputation as an acknowledged expert in maritime law. With Dr Gerhard Passehl who joined him later he gained a partner who was not only an outstanding maritime lawyer but also someone who was acknowledged to be equally expert in marine insurance law.

In the beginning Dabelstein & Passehl was active mainly in the area of traditional coastal shipping. Since the 1970s the firm has constantly expanded widened its areas of activity and now acts throughout the world in all fields of the maritime industry.

With the broadening of the firm´s practice area to that of comprehensive maritime service provide, the circle of client, from logistics service providers to ship financing banks and the energy industry, has also continued to grow.

Over the decades Dabelstein & Passehl has gone from strength to strength always remaining true our principles that our clients have always appreciated: competence, direct contact, efficient solutions.

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Exterior View
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